Tips on making a good impression on your first date

On a first date, you are mostly jittery about many things; only a few people keep calm. This jittery attitude spills over to your dressing. You are confused about what to wear. You want to look good, and at the same time, not displease your date. If you do not know them well, likely, you do not know their taste. However, you do not need to go through the experience alone. Here are some suggestions for you on what to wear on a first date.

Know the details of the date

Never make the mistake of not asking clear questions about where you are going. This will help you to choose the right outfit. For instance, if you are going to a classic dinner or the cinema, your outfits will be fancier, such as a dinner gown with full make-up on and ornaments. But if you are going mountain-climbing or hiking, you definitely cannot wear a dinner gown. You will be needing more t-shirts and casual jeans.

Do some shopping

Once you find that you do not have the appropriate things to wear to a date, do not hesitate to go shopping. You want to look the best you can on your first date, you want to show your partner that you put in some effort in your dressing. However, it is not necessary to go shopping. If you cannot afford it, make do with what you have.

Try on different outfits and settle for the best

Since you want to look your best on the date, try on different clothes to see which fits you best. The clothing you have envisioned to perfectly fit you in your head may disappoint you in real life. If you do not trust your judgement or you want what another person wants to say, ask your family or friends. It is also important that you prepare for weather changes when choosing your outfit, in case it happens. You can read about other women clothing ideas. You will come across information from various women, what they wore on their first date and the results. You can easily take clues from those who had successful first dates with what they wore and know what to avoid from those who had unsuccessful first dates because of what they wore.

Be comfortable in whatever you wear

Stressing yourself because of your outfit is not needed. Do not wear something that makes you feel suffocated or less confident. As much as you look beautiful, be comfortable as well. Wear clothes that make you feel at ease. Also, consider movement. If you would be dancing or climbing a mountain, wear something that will not deter you from doing so.

Let your outfit communicate your personality

Wear what makes you look like who you want to be. Let your uniqueness shine through in whatever you wear. Do not parody someone else’s dressing. If you are cheerful and jubilant, let your outfit communicate that. If you are calm and collected, let your outfit communicate that. If you are enthusiastic, let your outfit communicate that. As much as you want to please your date, do not lose yourself in the process. If they do not like your person, they are not meant for you then.

Wear clean outfits

It is a big slap on your face for you to wear something dirty to your date. Doing so ruins lots of chances for you. No one wants to be with a dirty person, even If they are dirty too. You do not necessarily need expensive or new outfits; proper care of the ones you have is more than enough. Wash your outfits, iron them so that they can be crease-free. Check them thoroughly to see if they need any repairs. Keep your outfit safe.

Wear a good hairstyle

Your hairstyle is key to an impressive dressing. Imagine how pathetic you will look if you wear a nice gown but your hair is rough and smelling. No matter how nice your gown is, your date will be put off by your hairstyle. Ensure your hairstyle fits you and your hair smells nice. Looking good overall will help you feel happier and more confident.

Groom yourself before the date

Get yourself in proper shape before the date. If you have to shave the hair off any part of your body, do so before the date. If you know you get irritations after doing somebody grooming, do not shave close to the date. Shave days in advance so that your body can have time to get back to its right position. Take care of your nails, lips, etc. be your best self and look your best self. However, do not overdo things. If you feel you have to flout your standards to please your date, you probably should opt-out. Be with someone who wants you.

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