7 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed When Buying Men’s Branded Sneakers

Purchasing men’s branded sneakers online is convenient, but it can leave you open to fraud. The holidays are a peak time for thieves to take advantage of consumers that are buying more items and can therefore easily miss fraudulent charges amid a long list of transactions.

Thankfully, there are also many things you can do to prevent being scammed. Things like checking the website genuinity, reviewing the payment method the store uses, and ensuring your payment is secure can help you avoid scams when buying men’s branded shoes online.

Shop With Trusted Sites

You don’t want to do business with unreliable websites—sites that house multitudes of hackers and cyber criminals or that sell bogus products and swindle users. You want to deal with reliable sites. But how can you tell if a site is reliable?

You review it. Before you buy anything from an online sneakers retail store, first run a background check on it. For example, if you’re looking for branded sneakers on a website like Modes, you’d want to read their reviews and see if other shoppers have used them, and critically review their feedback. There are several review sites out there, but a great place to start is US Reviews.

Check If Your Payment Is Secure

A shopping website’s URL should always begin with ‘https’ and a closed padlock icon in the address window when you’re about to make a transaction on it. This indicates that the communication between your device and the shopping site is encrypted. You may also want to re-think storing your credit card details and other personal information on your online store accounts – if the company is breached, your information could end up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Keep Your Devices Safe

There are many ways to get scammed when buying branded sneakers online, but someone hacking into or infecting one of your devices with malicious software is certainly one of them. Make sure you keep all your devices’ software up to date and keep protective software installed at all times. We highly recommend using modern anti-virus programs on both your PC and your mobile phone, as well as any other device you may be using. The moment you start using the internet, you are a potential victim of scam, so make sure you get all the tools to protect yourself from any intruders.

Don’t Purchase on Public Wi-Fi Activities

Think twice before connecting to free public Wi-Fi networks. It can be easier for fraudsters to hack your device when you make purchases on public Wi-Fi. Cybercriminals like to lurk on public networks and intercept your activities, or even set up rogue hotspots for you to connect to, so never shop or bank online using public Wi-Fi.

Lock Down Your Accounts

If you need to create accounts with online stores, make sure you use strong and unique passwords – don’t reuse your internet banking, email or social media passwords. Some online stores may also offer two-factor authentication as a way to secure your account – requiring something additional to a password and username, such as a unique verification code sent to you by a different means – when you purchase.

Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

Cybercriminals love harvesting personal information from social media and using it to guess passwords, craft targeted phishing messages and create other cyber scams. Consider limiting the personal information you share on your social media and use privacy controls to restrict who can see your information.

Limit Your Risk with One Account

Designate just one credit card for all your online purchases. This way, you keep yourself from exposing multiple accounts to hackers and can easily check for suspicious charges. Some banks even offer special cards for online usage. Get set up to receive text message or email alerts each time a purchase is made on your account. Whenever possible, check out as a guest when making a purchase instead of creating an account that stores your card information in a profile, too.

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